Facial reflexology is the application of pressure to points and areas of the face that correspond to the organs and systems on the body, which activates the body’s healing powers. It is often applied to the feet, hands and ears too. It helps to improve circulation and nerve conduction, encouraging the release of toxins from the body via the lymphatic system. The close proximity of the face to the brain and cranial nerves make Facial Reflexology very powerful in impacting the body systems

All types of reflexology reduce stress, induces deep relaxation, improves circulation and re balances the body. It helps protect the body and acts as preventative healthcare.

Facial reflexology – the Bergman Method

The aim of facial reflexology is to support the healing functions of the whole body, with similar benefits as foot reflexology. It has the added bonus of a radiant glow to the complexion and firming the facial muscles, resulting in a younger look. The close proximity of the face to the brain and cranial nerves means it is a powerful treatment, very relaxing and helps with general health and wellbeing. It also helps conditions such as migraines, bells palsy and sinus complaints.

With such a relaxing effect on the body, it is a perfect treatment to help manage stress. Sustained stress has a negative effect on the body, with such symptoms as anxiety, depression, digestive problems, loss of appetite, insomnia, high blood pressure, menstrual problems, headaches the list is endless. Facial reflexology opens up the neural pathways, helping to control stress levels and has an analgesic effect.


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